Friday, July 31, 2009

Everybody should put the city of Boston on their bucket list.

I am currently sitting here at Logan Airport (it is 1:07am) waiting for my 8:55am flight out. Had a great afternoon after the conference ended. I ended up going on a walkabout and followed the Freedom Trail around Boston which took me by the cemetary where Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and Ben Franklin's parents among others are buried. So much history in this City. A little further down the road is the old town meeting hall where the Boston Tea Party was orchestrated. Some of these buildings are over 300 years old - amazing.

Ended up going to the California Pizza Kitchen for dinner before heading to a performance of the Blue Man Group. They are unbelieveable. An entire theatre show and the 3 actors do not say a single word. The show is extremely entertaining, it is interactive, hilarious and extremely creative. I think as teachers we can all learn from this example of expression - they told a story without words - brilliant.

After that I popped into a movie called 500 Days of Summer. It was a good use of 2 hours when you are killing time. After the movie I went to the hotel, picked up my bags and took the subway to the airport.

Now here I wait...

Musings from BLC '09

Wow. So much great information. I am not sure how I am going to sift through all of this info and make sense of it all. I am looking forward to diving into a few of these topics and work to help the teachers at my school implement some of the ideas in their classrooms at our school.

Twitter, Google, Blogs, Diigo, Stephen Heppel, real learning communities.

So much to do - look forward to seeing where I fit into all of this.